Midway Mindset

Lessons Learned – It's Never Too Late to Take Flight

When the man you’re in love with is facing cancer for the third time, you realize that not even sleep is sacred and there’s nowhere to hide from your fears.

I heard the whispering when I began dating. I felt the stares. I saw the gritted teeth behind forced smiles. My face flushed through the awkward pauses and the stammering of those brave enough to broach the presence of (gasp!) my new man. “I’m happy for you, but…isn’t it way too soon? You really should …

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I didn’t think it could happen to me. If I could choose one mindset that succinctly sums up most of my life it would be those eight words. The unimaginable. A near fatal blood kidney disease was the last thing I would have thought I’d deal with my junior year of high school (so were …

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