Midway Mindset

Lessons Learned – It's Never Too Late to Take Flight

We are all midway through something every single day. It can be our life, school, parenthood, a career, a diet, or something as simple as learning a new skill. When we’re midway through a goal or a stage, we’ve gained perspective, our confidence has grown and we’ve probably earned a few bruises and learned some tough lessons. The flip side to that is that the initial excitement and newness have worn off and we’ve developed that awful thing we call a routine.(And the crowd says, YUCK.) We aren’t quite complacent yet, but we’ve started to take things for granted. We’re getting brave, we’re developing some mad skills, yet, all we can think about is what’s next. We are coming into our own and don’t even take a breath to realize it. We don’t see it. We don’t feel it. Perspective? What perspective? Irritation sets in. Criticism. Impatience. Boredom. We are going through the motions and often dreading every moment of it. We just want to be done and move onto the next phase, (kinda like shoveling in green beans so you can move onto the creme brulee.) When are we going to move on, move up, and get to the good stuff? When do we taste the crusty goodness?

What if we took the time to appreciate our midway points? What if we had the mindset that we are living the good stuff and making magic every single day no matter where we are in the process? What if we weren’t so hard on ourselves and recognized that we’re still learning and growing and that whatever stage we’re in is THE most important part of the process and deserves to be celebrated? What if we didn’t dream about what’s next but appreciated where we are? What if we were authentic and met each other half-cooked with gooey centers and figuring shit out? And where would we be if we then took the precious time to get messy, respect and enjoy that?

It took me a long time for this mindset to set in. I couldn’t wait to get older, to date, to get married, to have a house, to have children. I rushed it all, went through the motions, and I barely remember any of it. And some really bad things happened because of it. I didn’t savor life like I should have. I was so worried about looking ahead that I forgot to plant my feet and look down. Standing still and feeling the grass between your toes is so important.

I am midway through a lot of things in my life right now (least of which is a bottle of Pinot Noir.) Not all of it’s good. I have some serious illnesses. I’m divorced. I’m almost three years into dating a man whose longest relationship was seven years. My career is stalled. Retirement is looming and I seem to spend every spare dollar on travel instead of my IRA. Yet, I am enjoying every moment of it. It’s not always easy, but I’ve learned to accept where I am, not yearn for where I’m going. Having a plan is important, but grace and appreciation for each step along the way are even better. I’m walking barefoot through life and have the Midway Mindset.

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